Summary – How do we KNOW it was CORRUPT?

The American Shame 

By……Bart Marcois, former career foreign service officer, and was the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy and International Affairs

Epoch Times

(Consider)  the elections in four cities in America last month. In order to believe that Joe Biden won the election, you have to believe that he beat not only Donald Trump, but also the records of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; but only in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Not one of those elections can pass scrutiny.

IN EVERY OTHER BIG CITY in America, Biden UNDERPERFORMED Obama and Clinton, but in those four, he scored ten points more than either of them. How? Each city showed a persistent pattern of harassing and intimidating and excluding election observers. Each shut down counting for several hours on Election night, and sent the observers home.

Each showed an enormous and statistically impossible spike in votes for Joe Biden, recorded during the hours with no observers present. In Detroit and Philadelphia the midnight vote deliveries came in trucks or vans, while in Georgia they were pulled from under a table.

Each city also had multiple reports that mail-in ballots were not scrutinized properly for signature matches, for residency, or for proper ballot procedures. While voters in conservative areas of these states were required to follow proper procedures, voters from heavily Democrat areas were not. Failure to require uniform application of election laws in every jurisdiction is a sure disqualifier. Similar stories came from Nevada and Arizona.

The Machines

Adding to the lack of transparency for the voting process, there is no direct correlation in any of these states between votes cast and votes counted. The ballots were entered into machines, which reported totals in decimals. Sworn affidavits tell us these machines and their software were developed by Venezuelans at the behest of Hugo Chavez.

User manuals for the machines show they can connect to the internet, that batches of votes can be transferred from one candidate to another, and that they do not leave an audit trail. Dominion Voting Systems received a $400,000,000 “investment” from China 4 weeks before the election. These are all hallmarks of election interference.

Free and Fair? You Be the Judge

Please understand that the entire election depends on what happened in these cities controlled by Democrat political machines. Imagine that you are an election observer. Can you certify any of the following?

  • Were impartial observers verifying signatures on mail-in ballots?
  • Did each party have equal access to provide information to voters through the media?
  • Were election laws applied uniformly for all voters in all jurisdictions?
  • Were ballot counting procedures uniform in every city in the state? Were they monitored by independent observers at every moment?
  • Were ballot deposit procedures transparent and uniform?
  • Can you certify that no extra ballots were introduced to the counting center from outside the normal counting process?

YOU know the answer!