SAVE the DATE, August 7, 2021!

Our 12th Annual Hogroast – Details to Follow!

WATCH: DON’T let the “WOKE” airlines buffalo you into getting a vax you don’t want!!

Welcome to Minnesota’s Most Conservative County!

Disillusioned by FOX News and its LEFTward tilt?? HERE are some other great TV and online news organizations

MUST SEE – Very well documented video – how the Election of 2020 was stolen

If you want to AVOID LEFT-supporting companies, here’s a great list of companies to stay away from!

A great overview of 2020 – the most corrupt election in American History!

FREE and FAIR elections?? No WAY in the USA! Here’s a detailed, factual documentary from Epoch Times. (Collusion – China and the Dems team up!)